Monitor the skin health
of your patients online.

SkinVision Pro is a new online platform that connects you to your

patients for simple monitoring of skin conditions over time.

A complementary service for your clinic.


How SkinVision Pro will help your clinic

  • Cost-effectively monitor patients
  • Recognise suspicious skin conditions early
  • Reduce unnecessary patient visits
  • Increase lead generation for new patients

More than 600.000+ people have already downloaded the SkinVision app to track changes to their skin’s health. Many of them seek support from professionals like you through our doctor services.

SkinVision Pro allows seamless doctor-patient interaction, monitoring and advice through a simple, user-friendly interface - beneficial for both frequent check-ups and long-term care.

Scientific board

SkinVision is working closely with renowned dermatologists and professors from top clinics worldwide.

Doctors’ testimonials

Kostas image
"I have patients communicating with me through email, WhatsApp and SMS - with the risk of missing messages. SkinVision Pro is a solid platform for simple and secure communication with my patients through medical grade photos. It's easier and safer for both me and my patients. I work with it every day."
Kostas Koutsioukis

Dermashape, Member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

Online monitoring: Increase touch points with
patients in between visits.

Cost-effectively monitor existing patients by linking them to your clinic through the SkinVision app. Your patients update their gallery with high-quality photos, so you can track their skin for changes over time. Chat directly with your patient to ask for more photos, details, or to come in for an appointment if necessary.

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Tele-dermatology: Increase lead
generation for new patients.

This optional feature of SkinVision Pro allows you to perform online reviews of new patient’s skin conditions using high-quality photos the patient takes with our unique camera technology. Reach at-risk patients and recognise suspicious skin conditions earlier.

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Online appointments:
Reduce unnecessary patient visits

Your existing patients can opt for appointments at your clinic through the SkinVision app. Use the science-based expert system to make well-informed decisions about skin cancer and other skin conditions: prioritise at-risk patients in your area, while reducing unnecessary visits.

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Start using SkinVision Pro today

Follow our simple 5-step process to register your clinic and sign up doctor(s) to the SkinVision Pro platform. Click here for pricing details.